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Welcome to my Print Shop! Here you will find all of my paintings. Each image comes from an original painting. Each painting was professionally scanned for a high resolution image to create high quality prints for everyone to enjoy on all kinds of materials. I mostly combine the human form with symbolism of the natural world. I hope my art means as much to you as it does to me!


Valerie Milo I have always been drawn to the mystery and beauty of wild spaces, where nature has taken over. I am also intrigued by the untamed spaces within ourselves; our restlessness, our obsessiveness, the messiness of being human and our relationship and identity with nature. I’m curious about the many paradoxes within nature and within ourselves. Our strengths and vulnerabilities. Our joys and sorrows. Our goodness and our cruelty. That curiosity and wonder drive my art. I’m constantly playing with images in my mind; landscapes, tree branches, insects, algae, flowers, moss, water, fire, and the human form. When I’m creating my art, I’m exploring ideas and feelings and leaving questions hanging in the air. I combine nature and the human form and the symbolism of the natural world.

I studied Studio Art and Art History at Houston Community College and the University of Houston where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Master of Art Education. I studied Art in Italy, which was a dream come true. I’m Italian, American and I’ve always been fascinated by the cultures and art in Italy. I have lived and taught in Texas and Mexico.
When I had my two sons and I loved being a mom, but as an introvert, their high energy left me feeling drained and longing for time to focus and make art. We ended up spending most of our time at the park, building with sticks, looking for colorful leaves, and climbing trees. That’s when I remembered how exploring in nature revived and inspired me! I saw how being in nature calmed my sons too. They were completely engaged and in their element. While in nature, my mind was flooded with ideas for art. We currently live in Austin, Texas where we spend as much time as we can exploring in nature.